Trying the Salad Bar (TJHSST)!

This past week, I decided to save my mom some work while also trying out the salad bar at TJ, especially after a few of my friends personally recommended it to me and spoke of how fresh the vegetables were. While some salads were already pre-packaged into styles such as Mexican and Oriental, I opted for the “make your own” salad, which came with a simple base composed of romaine, field greens, kale, and beets. On top of the leafy base, I piled on a Mexican corn mix (consists of red onion, cilantro, and sweet corn), grated cheese, cucumber and carrot slices, and some hearty protein in the form of baked chicken. Pairing the salad with a sweet honey mustard, I couldn’t have been any more satisfied with the crisp vegetables and perfect blend between the greens and chicken. Not only this, the salad was extremely affordable, at a remarkable low price of $3.50! As much as I love eating out at Sweetgreen and Chopt, the restaurants do make my wallet far more empty than it should be for a high school senior.

With that, I highly recommend students to try out the salad bars at their schools and possibly save some minutes packing lunch for much needed sleep and rest. You won’t be disappointed! Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.32.19 AM.png

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